Aydyn Neifer, FCSP

Currently living in Ontario, Canada, Aydyn is an army photographer or Imagery Technician, as they are commonly referred to. His studies and practice in Eastern philosophies (yes, it was Buddhism) eventually led him to the porch steps of Stoicism. After reading several books on the topic and listening to some podcasts… (Ok, it was just one podcast. Stoicism on Fire) Aydyn decided to climb the porch steps and discover a new way of life by completing the SES course and, recently, the Marcus Aurelius Program (MAP).

Aydyn is a father of three, grandfather of two and husband of one. The practice of Stoicism gives him meaning and direction in his professional and personal life as he continues to navigate the path to Stoic sagehood. He is also learning that Stoic sagehood is like soup, and he is a fork.

His hobbies include photography, hiking, trying to be more like a spoon, and many different genres of art.

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