Carolina Martins

Carolina Martins, FCSP

Carolina Martins has been passionate about Stoicism since 2017 and started studying Stoicism in detail in 2020.

After a journey of dwelling in different Eastern and Western life philosophies, Carolina found her way of living through Stoicism after stumbling on a copy of Marcus Aurelius’ “Meditations”. In early 2021, after finishing the SES program, she began working on integrating Stoic philosophy into AI ethics and then took the MAS program.

With a proposal of how Stoicism could contribute to Responsible Artificial Intelligence, she was accepted into a Ph.D. Program at one of the most renowned Universities in Portugal.

As COO of a leading Data Science Consulting firm, VP of a non-profit organization, and single parent, she lives by Stoic cardinal virtues. She dedicates her days to operations management but is equally passionate about music, philosophy, and human flourishing, embracing her multipotentiality and living according to Nature.