Marcus Aurelius Program (MAP)

Advanced Stoicism

Pre-requisite:  Stoic Essential Studies (SES)

The Marcus Aurelius Program is 12-month (four 11-week terms) tutor-guided course designed to reinforce your commitment and growth as a Stoic philosopher through practical concepts and the acquisition of wisdom, versus the accumulation of knowledge. The four term curriculum focuses on Logic, Physics, Ethics, and Prosochē. Upon completion, a student may apply for a fifth term Internship as a mentor for Stoic Essential Studies.

The Stoic Philosopher

With the fall of the Roman Empire higher education has focused almost exclusively on the acquisition of knowledge while neglecting what is of greater value, wisdom. We have accumulated great libraries full of scholarship, but precious little else. From the ancients we have learned that individuals can grow in wisdom, but where can we go today to learn this? The Marcus Aurelius Program addresses this oversight with a special program designed to guide you toward becoming a Stoic philosopher.

The Marcus Aurelius Program is designed for working adults. Successful completion will entitle the graduate to a certificate of recognition as a Stoic Philosopher.

The Curriculum (Required textbooks)

LOGIC (1st term): Dialectic and Argument, working with the rules and tools of effective persuasion

PHYSICS (2nd term): Theology and Cosmology, the final study and practice of Stoic physics

ETHICS (3rd term): Duties and Actions, choosing perfection in the conduct of one’s life

PROSOCHĒ (4th term): Attention as the fundamental Stoic attitude as practiced with hypomnemata and meditation

PRACTICUM (5th term): Upon recommendation of the faculty, the graduate becomes a Mentor for Stoic Essential Studies (SES).

Academic Calendar

The Marcus Aurelius Program requires one calendar year, and is comprised of four (4) eleven week terms, allowing a short break between each, in this order: Logic, Physics, Ethics, and Prosochē. Students may commence on the first day of any month, dependent on the availability of a mentor. The fifth term, Practicum, is available only on recommendation by your mentor, and serves as the pathway to joining the faculty.

Admission & Tuition

Applicants who have successfully completed the Stoic Essential Studies (SES) course will be eligible for consideration for admission. Your mentor may be contacted for their recommendation. To apply, send the application to the registrar using the application form below and pay US$120 application fee (which will cover the cost of the first term if you are accepted). Subsequent tuition fees will be US$120 per term. Once you are admitted, you will be officially registered as a student and a mentor will be assigned. If you have additional questions, please contact us directly.

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