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The College maintains a collection of rare books in the public domain related to Stoicism (formerly “The Stacks”). Tips for searching can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Help us improve our library. We welcome suggestions for new public domain volumes that we should have as well as contribution to the descriptions.

Cleanthis Hymnvm in IovmStvrz, Fridericvs GvilielmvsEx Officina SommeriaLipsiae1735?26Latin
Gymnasio AugustanoMezger, Gerogius CasparusAuguste Vindelicorum182920French
Stadtische GymnasiumSander, MaxDruck Von C. QuandtWaren188028German
Between Heathenism and ChristianitySuper, Charles W.Fleming H. Revel Co.New York1899232EnglishList of the Principal Work Used or Consulted on Seneca, Senecas Character and Environment, List of Senecas Extant Works, Selections of Writings, Concerning Providence, Notes, Plutarch and the Greece of his age, List of the Principal works of Plutarch, Concerning the Delay of the Deity of Punishing the Wicked, etc.
Die Ethik Des Stoikers EpictetBonhoffer, AdolfVerlag Von Ferdinand EnkeStuttgart1894296German
Die Philosophie Der Mittleren StoaSchmekel, A.Weidmannsche BuchhandlungBerlin1892504German
Discourses of EpictetusLong, GeorgeD. Appleton and Co.New York1904568EnglishDiscourses of Epictetus with a critical and biographical introduction by John Lancaster Spalding, Illustrated, etc.
Geschichte Dee Allen PhilosophieZellar, EduardFues's VerlagLeipzig1876504German
Epicteti Enchiridion made English in a Poetical ParaphraseWalker, EllisBen GriffinLondon1692117EnglishPoetical paraphrase in English of Epictetus' Enchiridion, etc.
Epictetus and The New TestamentSharp, Douglas S.Charles H KellyLondon1914180EnglishPhrases Similar or Identical, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs and Prepositions, Conjunctions and Particles, Sundries, Resemblances between Epictetus and The New Testament, Differences, How to account for the Resemblances, etc.
Epictetus Volume 2Oldfather, W.A.Williams HeinemannLondon1928584EnglishThe Discourses as Reported by Adrian, The Manual, and Fragments, etc.
Epictetus Volume 1Oldfather, W.A.William HeinemannLondon1928491EnglishThe Discourses as Reported by Adrian, The Manual, and Fragments, etc.
Essays in Jurisprudence and EthicsPollock, FrederickMacmillan and Co.London1882408EnglishThe Nature of Jurisprudence, Laws of Nature and Man, Defects of our Commercial Law, Law of Partnership in England, Employers Liability, Theory of Persecution, Oath of Allegiance, History of English Law, Science of Case Law, Casuistry of Common Sense, Ethics and Morals, Marcus and the Stoic Philosophy, etc.
From Epicurus to ChristHyde, William De WittMacmillan Co.London1904310EnglishThe Epicurean Pursuit of Pleasure, Stoic Self-Control by Law, The Platonic Subordination of Lower to Higher, The Aristotelian Sense of Proportion, The Christian Spirit of Love, etc.
Greek and Roman Stoicism and Some of its' DisciplesDavis, Chas. H. StanleyHerbert B Turner & Co.Boston1903286EnglishThe Greek Religion, Greek Philosophy, Founders of Stoicism, Doctrines of Stoicism, Roman Stoicism, Roman Jurisprudence, Relation to Christianity, etc.
The Hymn of Cleanthes Blakeney, E.H.Macmillan CompanyNew York192124EnglishNote on Cleanthes and the Stoics, The Hymn of Cleanthes, Greek Text of the Hymn, Commentary, etc.
Famous Hymns to the Universal Divinity Guthrie, Kenneth SylvanLuzac and Co.London191036EnglishCleanthes' Hymn to Jove, Derzhavin's Ode to God, Wordsworth's Ode to Duty, Hymns of the Higher Pantheism, etc.
The Lamp of EpictetusJacomb, EdwardMethane & Co.London1918345EnglishBeing Arrian's Lectures of Epictetus to Young Men Paraphrased into Modern English, etc.
Renaissance Du StoicismeZanta, LeontineLibrarie Ancienne Honore ChampionParis1914394French
Marcus Aurelius and the Later StoicsBussell, F.W.T & T ClarkEdinburgh1910328EnglishRoman Emperor, Stoic Philosopher, Development of Philosophy, Epictetus, the Wise Man in the Two Commonwealths, the Ultimate Problems, the Creed of Marcus, Teaching of the Emperor, Man and the World, Absolute Subjectivity, Happiness, etc.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus to HimselfRendall, Gerald H.Macmillan and Co.New York1898360EnglishAn English translation with introductory study on Stoicism and the last of the Stoics, etc.
Marcus AureliusSedgwick, Henry DwightYale University PressNew Haven1920330EnglishA biography told as much as may be by letters, together with some account of the Stoic religion and an exposition of the Roman government's attempt to suppress Christianity during Marcus' reign, etc.
Metaphor and Comparison in the Epistule Ad Lucilum of L. Annaeus SenecaSmith, Charles SidneyJH Furst CompanyBaltimore1910200EnglishSoul, Mind, Emotions, the Body and it's Conditions, Shelter and Clothing, Family and Daily Life, Religion and Mythology, Farming, Hunting, Fishing, Horsemanship, Arts and Trades, Commerce and Travel, Warfare, Law and Politics, Animal Kingdom, Vegetable Kingdom, Minerals, The Elements, Land and Sea, etc.
L. Annaues Seneca Minor Dialogues Together with the Dialogue on ClemencyStewart, AubreyGeorge Bell and SonsLondon1889464EnglishOf Providence, On the Firmness of the Wise Man, Of Anger, Of Consolation to Marcia, Of a Happy Life, Of Leisure, Of Piece of Mind, Of the Shortness of Life, Of Consolation to Helva, Of Consolation to Polybus, Of Clemency, etc.
Miscellanies in Prose and VerseTaylor, ThomasSymbols, Pasternoster Row and UphamLondon180574EnglishTriumph of the wise man, creed of the platonic philosopher, a panegyric on Sydenham, etc.
Das Berlionlichteitsideal in der Stoa im Lichte der paulinilchen GrlofungslehreJuhnte, JohannesUniberfitatsberlag Raisbudjhanblung E BambergGriefswald1934104German
The Mutual Influence of Christianity and the Stoic SchoolBryant, James HenryMacmillan and CoLondon1866116EnglishStoic school of philosophy, Stoicism in comparison with Christianity, influence of Christianity on Stoicism, influence of Stoicism on the Christian Church, etc.
Collection des Auteurs LatinsNisard, De M.Sous la DirectParis1840904FrenchIt is a collection of the works of four Latin authors presented in chronological order. Sallust with the “Conjuration of Catalina”, the” War of Jugurtha”, and other fragments and a letter to Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar with « The Gallic Wars”, “The Civilian War”, The “War of Alexandria” the “War in Africa” and the “Spanish War”.
Physical Science in the Time of NeroClarke, John A.Macmillan and Co.London1910432EnglishMeteors, halo, rainbow, mock sun, the nature fo air, thunder and lightening, forms of water, snow, hail, rain, winds, earthquakes, comets,
Roman StoicismArnold, E. VernonCambridge University PressLondon1911490EnglishThe world regions, Heraclitus and Socrates, the academy and the porch, preaching of Stoicism, Stoic sect in Rome, reason and speech, physics, universe, supreme problems, religion, kingdom of the soul, law for humanity, daily duties, sin and weakness, Stoicism in Roman history, etc.
Seekers After GodFarrar, F.W.Macmillan and CoLondon1890376EnglishFamily and early years of Seneca, education of Seneca, state of Roman society, condition of Rome under Tiberius and Ciaus, Seneca in exile, Senecas Philosophy, recall from exile, Agrippina (mother of Nero), Nero and his tutor, death of Seneca, Life of Epictetus, life and thoughts of Marcus, etc.
SenecaHolland, FrancisLongmans, Green and Co.London1920228EnglishMarcus and Seneca, early years, Caligula, exile in Corsica, return from Exile, Seneca in power, tragedy of Baiae, decline of Senecas influence, retirement, letter to Lucilius, conspiracy of Piso, death, philosophy, etc.
Seneca's MoralsL'Estrange, RogerT. Hurst, Paternoster RowLondon1803630EnglishSenecas writings, life and death, etc.
Seneque Et La Mort D'AgrippineDacbert, H.LeideParis1884254French
Seneque Et St PaulAubertin, CharlesLibrairie AcademiqueParis1872466FrenchCorrespondence between St Paul and Seneca
Stoic and Epicurean Hicks, R.D.Charles Scribner's SonsNew York1910438EnglishThe earlier Stoics and pantheism, Stoic psychology and epistemology, moral idealism, teaching of the later Stoics, Epicurus and hedonism, the atomic theory, Epicurean theology, skepticism, eclecticism, etc.
Stoic and Christian in the Second CenturyAlston, LeonardLongmans, Green and Co.London1906170EnglishThe Environment, Difficulties of the problem, General Considerations, Argument from Design, Optimism and Pessimism, Man as a Natural, Rational, and Social being, Intellectual Virtues, Higher and Lower in Man, Determinism and Free Will, Religion and Ethics, etc.
Chief Ancient Philosophies: StoicismCapes, W.W.Society for Promoting Christian KnowledgeLondon1880266EnglishSocrates, Cynics, rise of Stoicism, essential principles, Stoicism at Rome, critics, Seneca, Seneca and St Paul, relation of Stoicism to Christianity, Epictetus, Marcus, the Stoic Creed, etc.
StoicismStock, St. GeorgeT and A ConstableEdinburgh128EnglishPhilosophy among the Greeks and Romans, Division of philosophy, logic, ethics, physics, etc.
Stoicorvm Vetervm Fragmenta - Volume 1Ab Arnim, IoannesBG Tenbner Verlagsgescllschaft1964196LatinCollection of fragments and testimonials of the earlier Stoics.
Stoicorvm Vetervm Fragmenta - Volume 2Ab Arnim, IoannesBG Tenbner Verlagsgescllschaft1964364LatinCollection of fragments and testimonials of the earlier Stoics.
Stoicorvm Vetervm Fragmenta - Volume 3Ab Arnim, IoannesBG Tenbner Verlagsgescllschaft1964284LatinCollection of fragments and testimonials of the earlier Stoics.
Stoicorvm Vetervm Fragmenta - Volume 4Ab Arnim, IoannesBG Tenbner Verlagsgescllschaft1964236LatinCollection of fragments and testimonials of the earlier Stoics.
Stoics and SaintsBrown, James BaldwinJames Maclehose and SonsGlasgow1893312EnglishLectures on the later heathan moralists, and on some aspects of the life of the medieval church. Lectures include topics such as: Epictetus, Marcus, St Francis of Assisi, etc.
The Stoics, Epicureans and ScepticsZeller, E.Longmans, Green and ComapnyNew York1892608EnglishState of culture in Greece, The Stoics, The Epicureans, The Sceptics, Pyrrho and the older academy, etc.
Stoics and SepticsBevan, EdwinOxford at the Clarendon Press1913160EnglishFour lectures delivered in Oxford during Hilary term 1913 for the Common University Fund. Lectures include detailed analysis of Zeno, The Stoa, Posidonius, Sceptics, etc.
The Fragments of Zeno and CleanthesPearson, A.C.CJ Clay and SonsLondon1891368EnglishSummary of Zeno's Life, Stoicism as established by Zeno, Zeno's relation to previous philosophers, Cynics, Heraclitus, Zeno's writings and style, Summary of Cleanthes' life, Fragments of Zeno and Cleanthes, etc.
The Stoic CreedDavidson, William L.T & T ClarkEdinburgh1907312EnglishA contribution towards the exposition and just appreciation of Stoicism including chapters on: Socrates, Stoic Masters, Philosophy, Logic, Physics, Epicurean contrast, Ethics, Theology, Present Day Value, etc.
The Stoic PhilosophyMurray, GilbertWatts and Company191572EnglishAn overview of Stoicism lecture delivered at South Place Institute on March 16, 1915 by Professor Gilbert Murray.
The Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius Long, GeorgeCastle and Company1908328EnglishHistory of Marcus Aurelius' life, a history of Stoicism, Marcus' Meditations, Essay on Friendship by Cicero with a focus on virtue
Exudes sur SenequeFaider, Paul1921340FrenchStudies of Seneca
Vie De SenequeWalz, RenePerrin Et CieParis1909488FrenchThe life of Seneca


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