Chris Fisher

Chris Fisher, FCSP

Chris Fisher was appointed Scholarch of the College of Stoic Philosophers in August 2021.

Chris was first introduced to Stoic tenets while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. He also spent twenty years working in Silicon Valley, California, as a computer hardware specialist, software engineer, sales executive, and regional manager for a large software company.

In 2004, Chris moved to Florida and returned to public service as a law enforcement officer. In preparation for his retirement from law enforcement, he relied on his life-long passion for photography to create a real estate photography business in 2019.

Chris came to the College of Stoic Philosophers in 2011, where he completed the Stoic Essential Studies in 2012 and the Marcus Aurelius School in 2013. Prior to becoming Scholarch, he previously sat on the New Stoa board and served as Dean of Students.

Chris is the author of the Traditional Stoicism blog and the Stoicism on Fire podcast. In 2016, Stoicism Today published Chris’ defense of the traditional Stoic doctrine of Providence in “Stoicism Today: Selected Writings II.” In 2019, he contributed a chapter about Stoicism in the book titled “Pandeism: An Anthology of the Creative Mind.”  

Chris currently lives near Tampa, Florida, with his wife of twenty-five years and two of his five children who haven’t yet flown from the nest.

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