Paul Cleverley, FCSP

My experiences include teaching college courses as an adjunct professor in critical thinking, strategic management, international business law, criminology, and personal development for 19 years. I also have 30 years’ experience working with children and families in juvenile justice services and 18 years facilitating education and teaching staff evidence-based practices. I’m retired now and tutor several children and adults needing help with college admissions and language tests. My education includes a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an MBA.

My culture of origin included religious services and instruction almost daily from the time I was three years of age. After graduation from a high school seminary and a college religious institute I spent two years in the deep south as a missionary. After graduating with a psychology degree, I began to study Dao and Sivananda Yoga. I was trained in and taught self-hypnosis to burn and chronic pain victims for several years in a hospital pain clinic. I then completed a 500-hour yoga certification, and an ACPE certification in pastoral care and volunteered at a local hospital. After retirement I spent six years traveling in Asia where I began to learn the Chan School of Buddhism and studied Yongchun Quan. I also study the advanced degrees of the Rose Cross Order now. I first saw the words of Epictetus in a critical thinking chapter of a psychology textbook in 1987. The Stoic practices brought together my life experiences into an effective practice for calm and serenity, wisdom, justice, courage, moderation and eudaimonia.

I enjoy traveling, fly tying and fishing, guitar, astronomy, earth sciences, ancient history, and philosophy. I have a sweet wife, two children, and four grandchildren.

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