Kathryn Kuenzi Bucher, FCSP

Having just retired after thirty wonderful years with the Veterans Administration as a Chief Nursing Officer and Associate Director, shaping and delivering healthcare for Veterans in medical centers in California, New Mexico and Arizona, I can finally focus on Stoic Philosophy full-time! Now I work with hospitals and universities to introduce Stoic Philosophy as a foundation for professional resilience, virtuous character and a ‘good’ working life. Teaching Stoicism grounds my own practice and lifts my heart! My goal is to help open doors to a more diverse audience, particularly women, who may have never considered philosophy as an option for finding eudaimonia (flourishing, happiness) in their lives.

Having discovered Epictetus’ Discourses in 2018, I enthusiastically finished SES in 2019, and the Marcus Aurelius course in 2022. Recent projects include development of an online course for nurses on Stoicism, and the relaunching of Stoic Registry with two dear Stoic friends. Also, I am partnering in a research project with the University of New Mexico regarding an orientation to Stoicism for university faculty and writing articles about reason, cognitive science, and emotional wisdom.

Home is in beautiful Duvall, Washington, US (outside of Seattle) with my husband and youngest daughter. It’s a full life of walks, yoga, travel, keto, political action, too much coffee, friends, study, adult children, and support for Stoic students. And loving my brilliant grandchildren of course. I am excited to be part of the CoSP community and learning how to live a forever life of Amor Fati!

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