Paul H. Aube, FCSP

A unique child and a loner by nature, the growth towards Stoicism started in 1977 with the movie, Star Wars. Unbeknownst to him, the concept of “The Force” would slowly but surely permeate and stimulate his psyche – a solitary inquisitive quest about the self.

Throughout his years as a lad, a weightlifter, a family man, a volunteer, a career security professional and through his ongoing academic pursuit in security management, Meditations was his first book in a series of ceaseless autodidact studies in Stoicism which began in his late twenties to improve his imperfect behaviour and intellect towards mastery and wisdom. In that search for practising Stoicism adequately, he came across the College in 2016 from which 4 years later, he accomplished the required curricula to become a mentor. But the quest goes on.

A proponent of both intellectual and behavioural learning based on the 3 concomitant domains of logic, physics and ethics, he accompanies others in understanding Stoicism and its application in their lives through the College’s syllabus.

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