About Us


Founded in 2008 by Erik Wiegardt, the College of Stoic Philosophers is the first 21st century school dedicated to the study and practice of Stoic philosophy.

The College is dedicated to a traditional Stoic core curriculum, composed of Logic, Physics and Ethics. Advanced courses delve into more complex, esoteric and metaphysical aspects of Stoic philosophy, related to the nature of God and free will.

The College is designed for adult life-long learning and independent study, and does not operate with traditional grades and credits. Students interact with faculty mentor and tutors in Zoom occasionally, and through regular interaction with our Moodle learning management system. Most work is done asynchronously.

The College faculty is drawn exclusively from among our own graduates.

The College is open to any person, regardless of age, gender, race or ethnicity, who is interested in advancing their understanding of Stoic philosophy and learning how philosophy can become a way of life. Admission is limited to persons who, in the opinion of the admissions committee, appear sufficiently mature and capable to successfully complete the program.

We are The Stoa.

Our Mission

With a commitment to traditional Stoicism, we endeavor to educate all who would be Stoics and Stoic philosophers, who aspire to the Good Life, and who wish to excel in their roles as family member, worker, creator, mentor, teacher, advisor, and leader, within the world community.

Our Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of the College of Stoic Philosophers is based upon the idea that philosophy is a way of life, not just a theoretical discipline. We believe that philosophy should aim at improving one’s character and conduct, and at attaining wisdom and happiness. We also believe that philosophy should be accessible and useful to everyone, regardless of their social status, gender, or background. Our College is a philosophical community of practice, which encourages study, dialogue, exercises and mentorship, as a means of applying Stoic principles to our daily lives.

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