The Seminary is temporarily closed due to changes in the curriculum.

The First Stoic Seminary:

Chrysippus School of Theology

The Chrysippus School of Theology, hereinafter referred to as the Seminary, was founded on the 31st of January 2015 for the purpose of preparing and ordaining Stoic philosophers to be spiritual leaders for the Stoic community and for the world at large. The Ordained Stoic Philosopher (OSP) is a graduate of the College of Stoic Philosophers' Marcus Aurelius School who has gone on to study in greater depth the original teachings of Stoicism that identify the cosmos as conscious and providential. The Seminary was named after Chrysippus, not only the greatest logician of antiquity but also a deeply committed founder of the Stoic concept of physics as theology.

At the completion of one's Seminary studies, the OSP is ordained and licensed to perform weddings, to officiate at funerals, and to be chaplains in hospitals and prisons. He or she is also eminently qualified to advise and discuss with others the theology of Stoicism and how it relates to living life in agreement with Nature. To be licensed for these purposes, the OSP must also be a member of the Society of Epictetus, a religious nonprofit organization created in the Unites States to support the original teachings of our philosophy. At the Society of Epictetus we continue to view Stoic Logic, Physics, and Ethics as one philosophical whole.

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