Preparatory School

The Preparatory School
prepares its graduates to understand
Stoic philosophy as a way of life

Now Taking Applications for the College of Stoic Philosophers Preparatory School (hereinafter referred to as the Prep School). This 10-week course of distance learning was expressly designed for young people ages 14-20, and only applicants within this age group will be accepted. There are no other qualifications you need to bring other than yourself. Regardless of your race, gender, or family position the philosophy we teach is the same it has always been for over 2300 years.

The Prep School will help you understand what Stoic philosophy is and how it prepares you to navigate this turbulent time in your life. A qualified Stoic teacher will accompany you through this journey as an adviser and friend, but also one who will help you see how just a few simple ideas can change and improve the way you live each day.

The Curriculum of the Prep School course will entitle the graduate to a certificate of recognition by the College of Stoic Philosophers. To receive this certificate you will be doing the following:

  1. SIX WEEKS: Primary text: The Stoic Handbook: Preparatory School Edition. This small book is freely available either as a pdf file download or an eBook in the College library in the section reserved for the Preparatory School. Once you are enrolled you will have written assignments sent to you by your Stoic teacher who will read and comment on the work you have completed. From the Handbook there will be these assignments:
    1. a) The Stoic Tradition
    2. b) Roman Stoics
    3. c) The DOE Mneme
    4. d) Four Practical Exercises
  2. TWO WEEKS: Text: The Enchiridion (aka the Epictetus Handbook). Student will read this handbook, and from that work s/he will compile a list of 10 questions you have about what you have read to be answered by your the teacher.
  3. TWO WEEKS: Text: The Meditations of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. You will be asked to write a "Know Thyself" essay based upon you--including your family, teachers and friends. Students will be inspired to write this essay based upon the brilliant work Marcus Aurelius did in the first chapter of The Meditations.
  4. Certificate suitable for framing.

Admission, Tuition, & Assignments: Applicants who are between the ages of 14 and 20 are eligible. When accepted, you will be asked for tuition of $40 USD for the entire course--to be paid via PayPal (see the College Tuition page). Once tuition has been received, you will be officially registered as a student, and a Stoic teacher will be assigned as soon as one becomes available. All assignments will be received and returned in Open Office format. If you do not have Open Office (OO) you may download it free at: Open Office is the School standard for word processing so that we can all readily exchange files.

If you are ready to begin, please email the Scholarch Erik Wiegardt at with your name, DOB, gender, city and country, and date you wish to begin your studies. This course will change your life.

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