The Scholarch's Permanent Collection was founded by the First Scholarch of the College of Stoic Philosophers in recognition of his belief that every Stoic life is important. All practicing Stoics living in this time of the Great Revival deserve to have their voices and talents heard and preserved.

If you are a member of the Stoic community, you may become a contributor to the works contained in the Scholarch's Permanent Collection. There is no fee at this time. If you wish to publish your essay, book, memoir, poetry, or other creative work in this special collection, please contact the Scholarch at for a review of the rules and procedure.

The Scholarch's Permanent Collection


Nigel Glassborow

Essays and Journals

Paul Lanagan

Book Reports and an Essay

Erik Wiegardt

Essays and eBooks

Faculty, Students and Stoic Community

Ian Campbell , Stoicism and Bipolar Disorder (2018)
Martha Everett, Using Actors' Techniques as Stoic Exercises (2018)
Christopher Fisher , Self-Coherence: The Fundamental Intuition of Stoicism (2013)
Christopher Fisher, Prosoche: Illuminating the Path of the Prokopton (2013)
Ryan Jenkins, Is the Cosmos Conscious and Providential? (2017)
Bob Judge, Favorite Quotes from Antiquity (2016)
John R. R. Knighton , Stoicism for Those in Despair (2016)
Steen Nielsen , Hypomnemata and the Humorist (2018)
Joao Ribeiro, Some Logical Reasonings About Schizophrenia (2019)
William O. Stephens , Stoicism and the Philosophies of the Jedi and the Sith (2013)
Scott Stoddard, Polygamy, Faith, and Reason (2019)
Manolo Trueba, Some Reflections about Stoic Ethics at Work (2013)
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Marije van Wieringen

Paintings and Blogs

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