Library of Stoic Philosophers

Preparatory School Reading List

  1. Epictetus, Enchiridion
  2. Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
  3. E. Wiegardt, The Stoic Handbook (EPUB) (MOBI) *

School of Essential Studies (SES) Reading List

  1. J. Sellars, Stoicism (University of California Press, 2006)
  2. The Three Romans:
    The editions listed below are suggestions. Other editions may be used for the course.
    Seneca, Letters from a Stoic (Penguin Classics)
    Arrian, The Discourses of Epictetus (Penguin Classics)
    Marcus Aurelius, Meditations (Penguin Classics)
  3. G. Wasson, Glossary and Pronunciation Guide (EPUB) (MOBI) *
  4. E. Wiegardt, The Mneme Manual (EPUB) (MOBI) *

Recommended Reading List

  1. Margaret R. Graver, Stoicism and Emotion (Chicago, 2007)
  2. Pierre Hadot, The Inner Citadel (Harvard, 1998)
  3. William B. Irvine, A Guide to the Good Life (Oxford, 2009)
  4. A. A. Long, Hellenistic Philosophy, 2nd ed. (University of California Press, 1986)
  5. W. Harris, HERACLITUS, The Complete Fragments: Translation and Commentary and the Greek Text, (Middlebury College)

The Scholarch's Permanent Collection

The Scholarchs Permanent Collection

The Scholarch's Permanent Collection is a collection of essays, books and other work created by Stoics of the twenty-first century.

General Reference Section

This section holds books of general interest to those in the college. Most are links to online PDF, and the size of the file is noted. To obtain a copy of any of these books, right-click the link and save it to your computer.

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