Student Comments

The following are just a few of the unsolicited comments received at the College about our Stoic Essential Studies Course:

"I found the [Prep School] course very enjoyable and giving. Dr. Mahling is a fantastic teacher. I plan to continue my philosophical training/study, and when the time feels right, continue with the SES and later hopefully the Marcus Aurelius School."

Elliot from Sweden



Maddie, age 14, Prep School graduate


"A quick note to express my deep feeling of gratitude towards you... After SES, I hesitated for a while before I moved on, to not rush, but go at a sustainable speed. I am so happy I finally took the step and can count you among my teachers. Things are rapidly coming together for me, its almost like a step function in clarity and cohesiveness."

D.M., Ph.D., Vice-president of a public utility


"I wanted to thank you again for offering this class, opening this school and doing such a good job. Please let us know about any follow up or future classes."

Father of Johnny, a 14-year-old, Preparatory School student


"The SES and MA School courses have changed my life."

Brendan, Computer Systems Engineer
Los Angeles, California


"I'm very glad to have made it through the SES! Probably the most enjoyable course I have ever taken!"

Yanni, Businessman
Thessaloniki, Greece


"The SES Course has been a rewarding and marvellous experience. After the course, I found myself provided with a more complete and solid view of man's place in the Universe. At the same time, it made me discover very powerful tools to face everyday problems. I really enjoyed it!"

Manolo, Civil Service
Barcelona, Spain


"I have enjoyed this course thoroughly."

Brandt, Attorney
South Carolina, USA


"This was a wonderful course and I enjoyed it immensely....I wasn't sure what I would be getting from the course when it began, but it was easily worth the price and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in philosophy....The assignments themselves were thoughtfully prepared and diverse....I feel, even though I have completed the essential studies program, that they are only laying the foundations for a lifetime of further study."

Mac, English Teacher
South Korea


"Thanks for everything. It's a first class program and I gleaned much from it. I would recommend it to anyone."

Greg, Rancher
Texas, USA


"I would like my students in management positions (all levels) to learn some sort of "Business Philosophy" to improve their management skills, and organizational culture. That being said, I will recommend your course to students because I firmly believe it will add value and depth to their personal and professional lives."

Jay, College Business Teacher


"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how profoundly my experience in the College has affected me. I have enjoyed working with [my Mentor] and have found the curriculum both challenging and enlightening. If you are ever in need of Mentors for the College, please count me as a willing volunteer!"

Matt, Software Developer
Missouri, USA


"Thank you for making this course available; I have derived a great deal of benefit and pleasure from it."

Scott, Attorney
Alabama, USA

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